Employee of the week: Lucian Corduneanu

Luci Corduneanu has been with TapBookAuthor as a developer for three years
Luci Corduneanu has been with TapBookAuthor as a developer for three years

We are going to do a little series of info on our team. We start off with the developer (not counting our CEO) that has been with us the longest, Luci.

Name: Lucian Corduneanu

Title: Software Developer

Specialties: Proud to be first developer hired. I had the pleasure to work with Sondre, who is a great mentor and teacher. Now we have a bigger team and I’m doing the local coordination and support as needed. I have experience building frontend systems with java, GWT, smartGWT, HTML, CSS, JS as well as backend systems with java, jsp, hibernate, mySQL

Background: “Politehnica”, Automation and Computer Science Faculty, Timisoara, Romania. Cisco CCNA.

Fun fact: I was riding my bike, through a nearby park, which is typically full of children playing, thus, with moderate speed. I had my phone in the right hand talking, when a cute little girl cut my way. I had to use my left hand for a quick break, but the speed was optimal for a perfect flip over the front wheel type of fall. Nobody, except me was hurt, so use the left hand to talk while riding the bike.

How-to videos coming soon

We all enjoy playing around with TapBookAuthor, exploring its feature-set on our own, but now and then, we just want a quick and easy to understand solution. So to ensure that you get the most out of TapBookAuthor, we are in the process of creating some easy-to-follow how-to videos to explain usage scenarios and stuff you can do with TapBookAuthor.

In addition to this, you will see text-articles explaining the more advanced concepts coming your way. Some of these articles might be written by the TapBookAuthor-community (or based on the stuff we are surprised when we see you do) – in many cases, you have done way cooler stuff with our tool than we had dreamt of.

Our ambition is to have at least a two digit number of useful howto-videos live before we see snow in Norway (which may be earlier than you would guess!) and certainly over 25 by the end of 2013. Keep coming back here to see them as they are published. We will tag them all with a specific tag and category, making it super-simple to find a listing. And you can also get the videos from the YouTube channel or directly from the video listing on our web page.

TapBookAuthor.com awarded!

I have always envied blog posts talking about their “award winning” products, but now we are able to do it ourselves! 🙂

TapBookAuthor.com and its founder got the annual entrepreneurship price from one of the most prestigous law firms in Norway, and thus we can understand why Sondre is smiling below:

Our CEO receives the Wikborg Rein entrepreneurship price for 2013 from partner Torleif P. Dahl