Features designed for creating
a best-selling interactive book

Using TapBookAuthor you can easily build your own media-rich
and interactive book without relying on technical bottlenecks

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Create engaging book experiences

Native apps for all devices

Our platform allows you to create native
apps on the following platforms:

  • iPhone (all generations)
  • Android phones (all recent versions)
  • Android tablets (all recent versions)
  • iPad (all generations)
  • Windows 8 (in beta)

Add multimedia sounds, images, slideshows and videos

You can easily add multimedia to your projects.
Our platform automatically converts your videos and
sounds to proper formats for different devices.
Thumbnails are automatically generated to make
navigation more simple and enjoyable.

“From concept through winning its first award, working with TapBookAuthor was a fulfilling
experience. We're delighted with how our “The Cow In Patrick O'Shanahan's Kitchen” picture book
came to life as the “Farm2Table” book app, packed with animations, videos, audio options, and
even a game to pique the curiosity of young children to discover where their food comes from.” - Rana DiOrio, Founder & CEO of Little Pickle Press

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Interactivity you can add yourself

All elements in your book can be made tappable
in order to play videos, animations, sounds or to
hide and show other elements. Everything is done
in a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get

Collaborate online with your team

Our platform is a browser-based authoring tool where
everyone can work on the same project and everything
is stored in the cloud so you can easily access it from

Create your own animations

Easily add and create you owns animations. Features include:

  • Wide selection of transitions (slide in, fade out, etc.)
  • Timed start of animations and hiding a showing layers
  • Start on interactions such as tapping
  • Carousels of videos and images
  • Activate gif-animations from events and interaction

The power to create is in your hands whether you're a big publisher or self-published author

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