First user forum held in Oslo

On May 16th, we held our very first user-forum in Oslo. Almost all our customers were attending for an crammed two hour session in the lovely library at Aschehoug in Oslo.

Thank you, Aschehoug for hosting the event! Sondre, our CEO, went through the new features of the next release of Thanks to our simple subscription model, all these awesome features will be available to all subscribers as the new version is deployed.

After the presentation of new features, a round-table discussion was held to shed light on how our customers use TapBookAuthor; what works and what can be improved. Many good ideas were discussed and the TapBookAuthor crew got loads of new inspiration for the near, and long-term roadmap.

Leseland, an app from Samlaget helps children learn reading
Leseland, an app from Samlaget helps children learn reading

One of the demos held was for Samlaget’s Leseland app that was about to be released for both Windows, Android and of course all the iPads out there. This app used both the in-app-purchasing that was added to the tool this winter, the read-along (aka “karaoke mode”) function as well of activation of different sets (“layers”) of sounds and effects according to user selections. You can see a screenshot from the app (yep, the roof is indeed leaking – using the animation feature!) attached to this post. Click the image to see it full size.

Thanks to our users who attended the user forum meeting – and we hope it will be even more next time around!

User forum – to exchange ideas and experiences

As we are growing, and more and more customers and users discover, we want to create a place where we can meet and connect with our customers and they with each other.
Enter the “TapBookAuthor user forum” – an event that will likely take place two times a year in Oslo. The first one will be held May 16th, more on that in another blog-post after the event. We will use the user-forum as a place to exchange experiences, discuss usage scenarios, present new features and upcoming plans for
If you would like to get an invite, even if you have not yet started using the tool, let us know and we will see what we can do.

The grand opening of our blog!

We are thrilled to launch the official TapBookAuthor blog! This will be the one-stop-shop for 1st hand information on the tool and the latest on what we are up to.

We will use this blog to inform you on the latest features implemented in our tool and updates on our planned roadmap ahead. We will also publish various news bulletins on what’s going on, some HOWTO-videos on how to use the tool, info from conferences we attend, talk about our planned user forum meetings, as well as general info on our business as it develops.

We are very excited to have come this far, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas here with you in the time to come. Stay tuned!

Best regards,
Fredrik and Sondre w/team

Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk, CEOFredrik Medby Hagen, VP BizDev