How-to video: Peekaboo! (Hide and show…)

In our series of how-to videos, we promised to be back this week with a somewhat more advanced feature. Guess what? We are!

Today, we will feature a video that shows how you can show and hide sets of objects when the user taps certain area (or with timed events, more on that later). You can find the video embedded below.

Note that this feature goes well beyond what we explained before about hiding and showing the layers, or object categories as we like to call them since they are used beyond basic layers, in the authoring tool.

If you feel like a pro, try to use the tip at the end to switch sets of objects (some that may even contain navigation) on and off across the project. This is what was used for the multiple sets of sounds, some with karaoke mode, in the Leseland title released on both Android, iOS and Windows Store this summer by our customer Samlaget.

If you have questions above the feature shown above or suggestions about new videos topics we should cover, be sure to let us know.