How-to video: Organized madness

In our series of how-to videos, we have come to the promising title Organized madness. It could have been called, like the video itself, Using workspaces to organize your content creation – but that sounded somewhat boring. In any case, the video below explains a really simple feature to help you keep track of your creative projects:

To put it simple, every workspace has a separate set of content in all tabs. This has proved really helpful in keeping track of content and making it findable, while not having to mess around with folders all the time. If you’d like to add another level of tidiness, you might like to use tags/labels. Then you can also filter on a given label within the workspace. Maybe we should make a small video to show you that later. Watch this space!

If you have questions above the feature shown above or suggestions about new videos topics we should cover, be sure to shout out to let us know.