How-to video: Downloads and in-app-purchases

In our series of how-to videos, I promised in the last post that we would return with an advanced topic. And here we are! Today we’ll lead you to a feature that is powerful and that for sure will have you scratching your head over details in the Apple App Store at some point, if you are not used to the terminology of in-app-purchases.

The feature itself is simple enough, check it out:

So by adding a link to another component for download, you are totally flexible in your content creation and content monetization. You can even build your own custom bookshelf this way (like some of our customers have), even if we have tailor made powerful functionality for that particular purpose.

You can add products that have to be purchased before the content is downloaded, and these can be in all three major app stores. Also, even if not shown in the video, we support a couple of third party hosting options for the binary content (to use this, you export it from our system and upload it to Apple’s servers as a binary content for download for a particular in-app-purchase).

If you have questions above the feature shown above or suggestions about new videos topics we should cover, just send us a quick notice. We are happy to do Skype demos or in-person workshops with new our existing customers to discuss details of our offering.