TapBookAuthor.com awarded!

I have always envied blog posts talking about their “award winning” products, but now we are able to do it ourselves! ūüôā

TapBookAuthor.com and its founder got the annual entrepreneurship price from one of the most prestigous law firms in Norway, and thus we can understand why Sondre is smiling below:

Our CEO receives the Wikborg Rein entrepreneurship price for 2013 from partner Torleif P. Dahl

The grand opening of our blog!

We are thrilled to launch the official TapBookAuthor blog! This will be the one-stop-shop for 1st hand information on the TapBookAuthor.com tool and the latest on what we are up to.

We will use this blog to inform you on the latest features implemented in our tool and updates on our planned roadmap ahead. We will also publish various news bulletins on what’s going on, some HOWTO-videos on how to use the tool, info from conferences we attend, talk about our planned user forum meetings, as well as general info on our business as it develops.

We are very excited to have come this far, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas here with you in the time to come. Stay tuned!

Best regards,
Fredrik and Sondre w/team

Sondre Skaug Bj√łrnebekk, CEOFredrik Medby Hagen, VP BizDev

Employee of the week: Bj√łrn Terje Bakken

When I listened to Evernote founder Phil Libin, he said (only half jokingly, I believe) that you should not bother to make friends with people you could not start a company with. With Bj√łrn Terje, it was the other way around – we started working together back in 2001 and I am glad that we have since developed a friendship through being both customer/partner and colleagues in different roles over the years.

Bj√łrn Terje was our first pilot customer, but left his role as leader of the digital team at Samlaget after an acquisition and reorganization. He now works as a manager in the public sector in his daytime job. Thus, when the time came to recruit our first external board member he was both a natural first choice and available. He did not dare to say no and we are so happy he is contributing on both practical and strategic levels for our firm’s development.

Let’s have a look at what mr. Bakken had to say about himself:

Name: Bj√łrn Terje Bakken

Title: Board leader

Speciality: Keeping the strategic focus in discussions

Background: Principal study in Geography (NTNU) and employment at H√łgskolen i Nord-Tr√łndelag (lecturer), University Graduate Center at Kjeller (advisor e-learning), Inspera AS (project leader, advisor), Det Norske Samlaget (head of digital unit) and Government Administration Services (head of web development unit).

Fun fact: Able to use a hammer and saw with both hands, and would love to be a carpenter the next time around

Raving review

Dagbladet Nov 11th 2013
Dagbladet Nov 11th 2013

I was made aware of today that¬†in a review from two days ago,¬†in one of Norway’s largest newspapers Dagbladet, Cappelen Damm’s L√łveunge (literally “Lion Kid”, its series for early readers) was called “the best reading training app so far”. From the link you can see the online version and the picture is from the printed version.¬†How fun!

Cappelen Damm has been using these features:

  • Layers to activate different sets of sounds
  • Read-along/”karaoke mode”
  • Sound effects with random start and/or delays
  • Custom styled menu
  • In-app-purchase
  • Recording of your own voice (including a new mode for recording all pages in one go)

The app is available both in Google Play and Apple App Store Рhave a look and enjoy.

TapBookAuthor at the Frankfurt Book Fair!

TapBookAuthor is present at the huge Frankfurt Book Fair. This is the place to be if what you are doing is even remotely related to books.

I’ve been roaming around the vast premises, meeting and getting to know a lot of interesting people. From small one-person shops, to big publishing groups. I’m impressed with the depth and beauty of the children’s books I’ve seen, many of which are small¬†outright pieces of art!

The feedback I get on the TapBookAuthor.com tool is very positive, so I’m sure we will be working on digitizing and enriching some of these beautiful books very soon. We’re looking forward to establishing and building strong relationships with the very interesting people I’ve met during these days.

There are still a couple of days left of the Fair, so let me know if you are interested in a quick chat.

Four weeks in Palo Alto

The next four weeks our CEO will be in Palo Alto, California – right in the heart of Silicon Valley. The purpose is to see if we should have a more permanent presence here, but not least to talk to potential customers.

So if you are based on the US West Coast and would like to have a demo of TapBookAuthor.com, let Sondre know and he will come to your location to show you how the tool can help create awesome apps without custom programming.

From day to day, we’ll be based out of 470 Ramona St and we stay close to downtown Mountain View.

Finally a proper license plate, from The Golden State